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Looking at Your Business from the Customer's Point-of-View

From Polaroid Cameras to Pet Motels we examine the impact of unhappy customers and look at ways in which complaints and customer feedback have been effectively used to grow and improve the share of business.  Here is a dynamic and essential program for any service related organization.  This entertaining presentation is by Bruce Matza, a noted authority on customer satisfaction, seminar leader and business advisor.

This program was originally inspired by a White House study on consumerism.  It addresses alternatives for communicating and tracking a vital service message for both customers and employees.  Entertaining story examples will guide you to understand how to grow new business, expand current business, and reactivate lost customer business.

We explore the lifetime value of customers.  Vivid examples demonstrate why this approach must be the basis for community perceptions, company policies, staff education, problem resolutions and the overall culture of your organization.

The program is directed to anyone involved with customers.  It is focused toward people responsible for serving customers, managers charged with maintaining service standards, decision-making executives who set policies and expectations, and the customers who have the right to be heard and served.  Plan to be educated, motivated and entertained with “customer service” presented from the customer’s point of view.

Timeframe may be from 60 to 120 minutes.