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Strategic Planning & Team Developement Mentoring Interactive Workshop The Art of Storyboarding Looking at Your Business


Does This Describe Your Organization?

  • Your people need to think long-term

  • The leaders would benefit from some strategic planning

  • People leading the organization would be more cohesive with quality time together

  • The leadership team would have greater impact if they were more unified

  • The benefit of collaborative thinking would lead to greater buy-in to future directions

The Program
We can provide your organization a quality off-site experience that combines strategic planning, team building, open dialogue, and a successful plan of action that has the involvement and commitment of your entire leadership team. 

We will design a program that is the right blend of group dynamic activities and long-range planning.  Each leadership retreat is specifically designed based on agreed upon goals, past experiences, and the time you can allocate to the event.

The Process
We use storyboarding to generate the maximum participation, visibility, flexibility, and effective use of time.  Participants will immediately become involved in this group dynamic process which was originally developed by Walt Disney Company. 

We orchestrate discussions to enable your group to define everything from mission/vision to specific action plans.  Completed participant binders and a master report for updates are provided within a week after the retreat.