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Becoming a Customer Service Star

Don’t just talk about providing better customer service – make it a reality with this dynamic workshop.  Becoming a Customer Service Star is a great way to kick off the process.  We use a quick, accurate personal profile to help participants examine their attitudes about customer service  and suggest ways to boost their customer service performance.  This program is equally effective with senior management and front-line employees.

The Becoming a Customer Service Star workbook was originally designed for Walt Disney World and has been effectively used for customer service training by organizations since 1992.  Over 250,000 copies have been published and sold.

 Participants evaluate their customer service aptitude in five critical categories:

  • Demonstrating a positive attitude toward customers.

  • Encouraging customer feedback.

  • Responding to customer problems.

  • Developing repeat relationships.

  • Seeking to exceed customer expectations.

Scores are transferred to the corresponding points of a star-shaped graph.  When these points are connected, a star emerges –-- and it’s usually lopsided.  The varying lengths of the star’s points create a clear picture of individual strengths and weaknesses.  Discussion questions help spark creative new ideas for strengthening weak spots.

Ideal for personal or team development, Becoming a Customer Service Star also can help diagnose customer-service policy problems within the organization.  Break-out groups help each individual complete a plan of action to take home.