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Strategic Planning & Team Developement Mentoring Interactive Workshop The Art of Storyboarding Looking at Your Business

A Key Component of Our Programs

Become an improved leader by remembering what you learned in 3rd grade!

In third grade you began working with fractions, got pleasure by drawing pictures, and were encouraged to participate as part of a group.  Now find out how all of these early experiences can make you a better leader.

This is a workshop dedicated to exploring the many applications of Storyboarding, one of the fastest growing problem solving and team building techniques available to today’s leaders. You will learn how to conduct better meetings, more effective coaching sessions, and dynamic group problem solving situations.

Here is a collection of total quality management tools all rolled into one process. It’s easy to learn how to take this skill home and be an expert facilitator with your organization overnight.  Audiences rave about the interactive process of this workshop and the real life applications that are immediately available to use.  Plan to be involved in real problems, actively participate with a group and take home an armload of new ideas to get things done.

Bruce Matza, president of Innovations in Management, will facilitate this entertaining and high impact workshop.  He is highly regarded as a speaker, seminar leader, publisher of customer satisfaction materials and has appeared on the NBC Today Show.