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Leadership Mentoring
Leaders in organizations often need a resource to validate directions and decisions that will impact all levels of their business.  Executives and managers can improve leadership while developing problem solving and communication skills.  Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the executive with meetings ranging from weekly to monthly.  Many executives have found this a highly effective process for dramatically improving their total effectiveness as a leader.

Physician Mentoring
An increasing number of physicians have embraced the mentoring process.  Trained in the science of medicine, physicians get little exposure to leadership skills until they are suddenly placed in positions of authority.  Physicians learn most readily by working on a case-by-case basis, therefore an ongoing mentoring relationship of 3 to 6 months has proven most effective in having a wide range of situations to examine and review.  My clients have included over 150 physicians.

Coaching for Customer Satisfaction and Retention
The goal of any organization is to retain its customers.   However, many executives and managers do not fully understand how to initiate strategies in this area.  We work with decision makers on developing customer retention strategies and reinforcing customer satisfaction on a daily basis.